boston qualifying marathon

Race Information

Saturday, October 26, 2024

Overall times are based on gun time.
Age category times are based on chip time.

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No registrations the day of the race.

El Paso Time Change:
Remember there is a time change between El Paso and Marathon!

Not Allowed:

NO WHEELS ON THE COURSE - which means (but not limited to):
*No strollers
*No bicycles
*No push rim wheelchairs
*No hand-cycles
*No one on the course WITHOUT A BIB - supporters need to park on the opposite side of the highway and stay on that shoulder.
*No marathon walkers - if you cannot run a marathon in 6 hours you will be picked up.
*No drones on the course (except for the Marathon Fire Dpt.)
*Any aircraft needs to coordinate with the Marathon Fire Dpt. and Brewster County Sheriff Office to fly around the racecourse during the event

*This is a highway race that is not closed off to traffic. RUNNERS ARE TO STAY ON THE SHOULDER OF THE HIGHWAY
*To manage a safe race we need ONLY RACERS ON THE COURSE, which means you registered and you signed the waiver form.
*If you are supporting a racer you must park completely in the grass on the opposite side of the highway from the racers.
*Look before you walk! We have rattlesnakes out here!

No registrations the day of the race!

Finish Line Closes At 1:30pm:

If you cannot cross the finish line at 1:30 based on how far you are from it, you will be picked up. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you cannot do a marathon in 6 hours then do the half marathon. This is a race in the desert on an isolated road and we cannot leave you struggling out there alone.

Thank you for your support of safety.


If you did not pick up your packet Friday night (see Event Info tab), you can get your bib at the race start and pick up your shirt and meal wristbands after the race at The Community Center.

Bus to your race start (Available ONLY from Marathon):

Instead of the bus, you can drive to your race start and park your car COMPLETELY on the grass across the highway from the race start. Look for traffic when you cross the highway, it is not closed to traffic. SLOW DOWN and be on the lookout for pedestrians if you are driving...racers will be gathering for their race starts. This is really convenient for those staying in Ft. Stockton.

Transportation will take runners back to the start lines after the race:
11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm - meet at The French Co. front porch.

Buses will pick up racers in the morning at The French Co Grocer and take you to your race start. When you register, you can sign up for transportation.

No registrations the day of the race!

If you are parking your car in Marathon, park across Hwy 90 beside the RR tracks.

Please be ON TIME. The bus cannot wait for you if you are late.

*You may leave clothes on the bus and we will have them for you at The Community Center. If you don't pick them up they will be donated to the thrift store. NO CLOTHING WILL BE MAILED. While we do our best, we are not responsible for lost clothes and items.


Every mile is marked on the shoulder of the highway.
Race starts are marked as well.

Racers are to stay on the east side of the highway on the shoulder. Cars can be going 75 miles an hour as the highway is not closed to traffic.

You are responsible for your own safety.

This is a Boston Qualifying Course.

Marathon 2 Marathon map Marathon 2 Marathon elevation profile

*Consideration should be given for the hill starting at mile 22. Located at the end of the race, it is more challenging than it appears on the profile.


Water stations are placed every 2 miles, starting at mile 2. A sports drink and water will be provided as well as limited first aid supplies.

You may drop your clothes at any water station and pick them up in the Community Center after the race. If you want your clothes sooner, leave them on the bus. If you don't pick up your clothing, they will be donated to the thrift store. NO CLOTHES WILL BE MAILED. While we try our best, we are not responsible for lost clothing or items.

Typical Race Day Weather:

Average Low: 48 Degrees Fahrenheit
Average High: 79 Degrees Fahrenheit
Average Mean: 62 Degrees Fahrenheit
*The weather changes very quickly in West Texas, please plan accordingly.

Port-a-pottie Locations: