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M2M Results

The 15th annual 2017 M2M was our smoothest so far! We have some awesome volunteers that show up every year and we are starting to get super efficient. One hour after the race, there is no trace of M2M in the town!

I am so grateful to our runners who came from 13 states and one other country to race M2M. We had 438 registrations this year with promises to bring friends and family next year.

We raised $7200 for MISD and $7500 for the Fire Dpt. from the pasta dinner and BBQ lunch!!! Thank you!!

Jeff Mann sent me a beautiful email last year with his blog on the race and he described what many racers voice to me.

You made a huge difference to our little town! Thank you!

Marci Roberts

2017 Race Results:

Marathon 1/2 Marathon 10K 5K

2016 Race Results:

Overall times are based on gun time.
Age categories are based on chip time.

Marathon 1/2 Marathon 10K 5K

2015 Race Results:

Marathon 1/2Marathon 10K 5K

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